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Annoyance of Flame Head continued..
by x_vengeful_x (x_vengeful_x)
at July 23rd, 2005 (05:02 am)

current mood: cold

Doom grumbled under his breath at his miss
'You know something son?' a laugh escaped him, 'You want to know if its big or not? Why don't you come find out. I knew you always had a thing for my cock. You were just afraid of Sue.'
Doom sent out two bolts of electricity towards the citizens in the street. He wanted to get Johnny all mad and pissed off.
'Come on Flame head. Let me see what you really can do. I mean you have to save all those people, without burning them and you can't. You suck. You little gay monkey. You just hate the fact that I have the goods you want.'
Doom laughed and watched his electricity scowel through the air.